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I have ceiling speakers installed in a house that I recently purchased. My grandson was able to wire them to his stereo receiver by using speaker wire, so I know they work.

What I'd like to do is connect the stereo wire to my computer in order to play something like say, Pandora, throughout my house. I have a 5/1 set of speakers on my computer now.

As far as I know, the wall switch which controls the ceiling speakers has two sets of inputs, labeled 1 and 2. Each set has 2 pinch plugs.. one red and one black.

Fortunately, my computer is only about 6 feet from this wall mounted input for the ceiling speakers.

Obviously, the regular computer speakers are plugged into the computer now, and I'd like to leave those attached, and have a switch or something in order to activate the ceiling speakers. (LOL I don't need the entire house hearing that I've got mail!)

Can you give me an idea of how to make this work?

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. The stereo receiver may already have "Sound In" inputs for LR/Surround Audio. You could possibly just purchase a normal Left/Right Audio Cable to 3.5mm jack and go from there. If not, let me know and ill get a bit more extensive :)
  2. I appreciate your answer. However, my grandson uses his stereo receiver upstairs, so there is not a receiver on the ceiling speakers currently. I had hoped I might be able to connect the ceiling speakers directly to the computer.

    If not, could you tell me what all inputs and outputs I would need for a receiver to have to make this work? Thanks!
  3. OK, after doing some digging, here are the 2 items that you will need. (and if you need more speaker wire, just buy matching gauge copper wire)

    First, you need a RCA to Speaker Wire converter:

    Then, you need a 3.5mm (headphone jack) to RCA:

    You combine these two, and you should be able to use the speakers. If you want a more complex system, you will need to get a Receiver system, which cost so much by themselves, your better off buying a new surround sound system for the same price.... (but thats just my opinion)
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