athlon xp1800+ "guaranteed" to 2600+

overclockers in the UK are selling a modified Athlon xp1800+ which they guarantee overclocked to 2600+
it is at a very attractive price!
as it is the same price as a thoroughbred b 2100+, is it better to get this modified chip or get the stock 2100+? what i mean to ask is does the 2100+ "routinely" overclock to 2600+ equivalent or higher?
I confess i still havent got a complete handle on equating "+" ratings with actual clock speeds yet so wisers counsel much appreciated!
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  1. Operative term... "Modified".

    I'd view anything that's "modified" with great suspicion, if I were you.

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  2. Look around the overclocking forum, there's a huge thread on Thoroughbred-B overclocking. 98 % of those CPUs can make it past 2.0 GHz in a breeze.

    Those guys are just trying to cheat gubile overclocker wannabes off their money.

    I don't think AMD would appreciate if they found out, there used to be a big market for remarked 486 & 586 back then, CPU manufacturers, along with interpol closed the chip remarkers for good.

    Overclocking a chip on your own is nobody's business, but selling a remarked or modified overclocked CPU is not only bad, it's illegal.

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  3. Its really nothing special.

    Probably most likely a XP1700+ thats a TbredB.
    most of which naturally obtain very high overclocks, particuarly the AIUHB stepping.

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  4. So they are "guarantee" to be able to overclocked. Do these CPU come with warranty? If you have read the warranty statement clearly AMD will NOT be responsible to burnt overclocked CPU. So, this kind of claiming should be illegal and void your warranty. (though it may not be the case.)

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