HELP What on EARTH is uploading hugely from my PC!

I hope someone out there knows something about this, and could help me!

I am connected to the internet via Optus cable, and limit per month is 3GB, now can someone please explain and tell me, what could possibly be Uploading in huge amounts from my PC!!!

I only really use the internet for emails and surfing, and reading these forums, I barely download a thing! I have Zone Alarm, and DU Meter, (and have even put myself through a proxy (Proxy Plus) to catch everything that I do, visit and send, such as MSN etc.!!)

DU Meter (which is running all the time) is telling me that I UPLOAD more than twice to triple the amount I download in a DAY (20MB DL, 80MB UL)!

So . . . First question, what could be, and what does upload from my or any other PC?

Internet sites, Emails, programs, a virus???

80MB a day, isn’t a little amount, and this is getting to be a big problem for me, as it is using up my limit VERY quickly!

So the second question . . . Is there a program that will allow me to intercept, decode if necessary, and then view EVERYTHING that is being sent Out and In from my PC. Not just the sizes of the files being sent Out and In, but the actual names and locations of the things being sent and received, whether they are files, info, or pictures . . .

My downloading is fine, and not ridiculous, and can be explained
Zone Alarm works well, blocks internet adds, pop-ups, and any incoming hackers or the like
I do regular virus and bug checks
And yet I am uploading 80MB+ a day, I would have thought it would be more in the 500K, so If someone could give there opinions on a program, and to what may be causing or doing this, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks (may i also warn others that this could be a problem for them that they do not yet realise)
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  1. Best thing to do is connect to the net and do no surfing, downloading etc. Just let it do nothing.

    Is your HDD light flashing away as if it's working out the meaning of life? If so, I suggest you pull the cable very quickly and start looking for a trojan, spyware or virus. Hard drive activity could be an indication of this.

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  2. I didn't see you mention any antivirus software you're using.

    Some can go through IE and bypass Zone Alarm 100%.

    If you're using a warez version of any windoze product (*any* windoze product, period), you could also have a 'rooted' os. People have actually hacked the assembly code and put in a kernal level trojan. It'll never come up on zone alarm or Norton's/Mcafee.

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  3. If you are connected to the Internet permanently through a cable you should be using firewall software. Try Norton Personal Firewall for a simple, almost hands-free firewall or Tiny Personal Firewall which requires you make all your own rules. In both cases the software will allow you to monitor your internet traffic by application /connection /type.
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