Whats the best browser to use, how to remove ads

i use internet explorer now cause someone told me its the best one, but i get a lot of annoying ads in general, whenever i browse youtube, facebook. how do i remove ads, what browser shall i use, what programs shall i download for the browser, what settings.
i prefer settings so it will give me suggestions when i type in a site
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  1. Switch to Chrome or Firefox, and install Adblock. Personally, I prefer Chrome between the two.
  2. runswindows95 nailed it. i prefer firefox myself
  3. Firefox or chrome should do the job since you can use adblock.Internet explorer browser is probably one of the worst browsers.Unlike chrome or firefox which are updated often, IE seems to be updated with every new version of windows so it takes years.IE11 was fairly good when it came out but now it lacks speed and more often than you think cant even properly display web pages.And as always it has very basic features.
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