where to buy an athlon 2500+ barton in australia

i live in sydney, australia and i want to buy an athlon 2500+ because it has the later technology, but i dont need such a fast cpu... and can i overclock it to 2ghz? with the stock cooler that is...

so if any1 knows a store which sells this CPU in sydney, australia please let me know... thx
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  1. I dont thihnk they are here quite yet. I certianly dont know of any places that have them yet. Wait a little while longer. They will turn up.

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  2. hmm k thx for that... theres 1 place in victoria which has them but the price is to be announced so i guess they dont quite hav them... and im hoping they'll come out by the end of the holidays... hmmm.... does any1 hav any idea wen they will come out? in asutralia that is... and again... can u overclock 2500+s up to 2ghz with stock cooler?
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