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I have a computer with a MSI kt4v motherboard(4 months old),
athlon 1.4ghz prcossor, 80 gig hd (about 1 1/2 months old), with 40 gig hd as backup. Last night I left the computer defragging the harddrives and when I got up in the morning there was a blue screen w/error message (which I of course didn't write down). I tried to reboot but when the shortcut icons got about half way through populating the computer started to reboot and just continued to do this cycle. I tried scandisk and scanreg / restore off the boot disk but still the same even in safe mode. So I left the computer off for a couple hours and now when I turn it on all the fans start but thats it. The monitor doesn't even come off of standby. I tried connecting both harddrive individuals and nothing. I took at look at the Mobo and there's no obvious damage (it's new because all the magic smoke came out of the last one) Is my processor retired? Or does this sound more like a Mobo problem? Or can it be something else? As I said it doesn't POST or beep or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated as its 3 in the morning now and i'm starting to lose mind, the little that I had to begin with. Thanks
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  1. it happened with me once

    Do the folling, remove the other HD, boot your system from winxp or win2k CD, then select the mode that allows you PROMPT the system as old DOS, you must type chkdsk /n

    that 's it , good luck
  2. This has all the hallmarks of a "slow death" type of powersupply failure...

    If you have another powersupply, try subing it in... beyond that, you really should get your machine to a technician who can check all the voltages and diagnose the problem...

    --->It ain't better if it don't work<---
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have tried removing the hard drives but the computer won't even POST so I can't boot from the start disk. I'll try a new power supply although I noticed that along with the fans coming on the cd drives also have the lights on. also with the drives disconnected I still don't get any beeps or anything on startup.? Thanks again!
  4. Sounda like the old PSU bit the dust. Mine did the same thing awhile ago. How many watts do you have on old Psu?
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