Canon i350 trouble code 1542

I'm using TurboPrint 2.13-2 as the driver for a Canon i350 printer on my Debian box. Along with a "low ink" warning it is also giving an "unknown- 1542" warning. Anyone know what this code is about? The printer works great with this driver and is fully functional but this 1542 flag keeps showing up.
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  1. Some of these printers have a microchip in the cartridge and you're screwed if you don't get the cartridge from the manufacturer. The only defense is to be sure not to buy a printer like that next time. I think their strategy of selling the printer at a loss and forcing you to buy their expensive cartridges to make up the difference is unethical.
  2. I think I found the answer in a manual for another model of printer......code 1542 apparently means that the ink levels in the color cartridge cannot be determined. I can live with that since it doesn't affect the performance, it's nice to have this old printer back on line. Good little printer for what it is.

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