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So my creepy stalker over obsessive bf got onto my laptop while I was away and put in some kind of hack CD into my laptop and created his own 'virtual' account that he could log onto and delete the password off of my admin account. He went through all my stuff, found nothing, and changed my password. I cracked my password and the admin account he created with his CD thing, and the 'delete account' option is not showing in the user control place. I am pretty experienced when it comes to computers and all of that stuff but this account will NOT delete. I've even created new accounts, added passwords, made them admins, and I can delete those accounts.

So his special little account is really bugging me and I am at my wits end of busting his computer just because he thinks its ok to go through and change my things.

I need some serious help as to how to delete the account , its bugging me , and how to make sure he cant get on my laptop account again.
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  1. We can't help you because even with your nice story you could be the creepy, obsessive guy wanting to screw with his girlfriends computer. Reinstall Windows, delete boyfriend. Problem solved. Guys that do that stuff are always cheating on you anyway. It's how they self justify. :ange:
  2. I was plannning on just backing up all of my stuff onto my ext. HD but I really have so many videos and music and downloaded games that the time of copying it all would be ridiculous if I could just find a way to delete the account that he made.. -_-

    He's been creeping me out about things he's told me he's done... And this cracking into my laptop was a line he should never have crossed. But seriously is there a way to delete the account without system restore or anything ?

    also, he's probably got a keylogger in my laptop to see everything im doing and typing..

    As shown above no delete option.. :heink:
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    This is incredibly easy to fix. Get a new boyfriend. Like seriously. Thats messed up. Granted you shouldn't have anything to hide. Or he needs a new girlfriend. But there is clearly no trust so continuing is pointless and a waste of time.

    Anyone with physical access to a windows system can bypass the windows password in less than 5 minutes(naturally I can't tell you how). The point being windows 7 is very insecure. Don't let people you don't trust near your stuff(don't date people you can't trust). Or consider encryption/bitlocker. If you think he put a keylogger on it needs wiped anyway.
  5. Also some factory restores don't touch user Data. Just the OS. So movies/downloads are fine but programs need reinstalled.... Think it was a Dell I was just working on that did that... Not sure
  6. I dont exactly know how to remove a keylogger if its in 'disguise' :l

    And exactly, I had nothing to hide and wouldnt have mind giving him the password to my laptop rather than him having to crack into it and everything.

    Messed up indeed I am so lost with words right now. Bleh. Thank you for the tips and such.
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  8. I agree with what unksol wrote. Ditch that guy and find a better person to share your life with.

    I would also suggest doing a wipe on your machine.
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