Get Large Sound Level difference when switch from XLR to TRS connection

Hi, we were trying to connect the microphone to Amp set. The microphone is having female XLR connection & at the other end Male XLR connecting to Amp. I noticed that there is a note "Low Z" printed at the XLR Jack of Amp set, which I connected. Above works fine, meaning no Hum & the sound level is perfect. But when I tried to use another cable with female XLR connector at Microphone & 1/4" TRS connector at the other end, the only 1/4" input point available at the Amp set is printed with "Extra High Z". When I inserted the 1/4" to it, the sound llevel is cut >50% at same volume I set. Could anyone advised, why is that so? where did I got it wrong?
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  1. It seems that the AMP itself has volume modulators attached to the inputs. Consult the manual that came with it to see if it says anything about it. you might be able to find a converter cable that will switch the TRS to the XLR.
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