Need some help reseting bios password on a Packard Bell A950-TWR

A friend of mine gave me a Packard Bell A950-TWR desktop computer dated around either '95 or '96. I can't find a way to get it to work right. Ok here's the story: When I first booted it up I found that the CMOS battery was completely dead, but I was still able to enter Bios. So I turned it off and replaced the battery with one from another computer. (One that boots properly) I turned the machine back on and it won't let me enter the bios without entering a password. I've tried resetting the CMOS jumper, (Flash Recovery J9C1) but it still asks for a password. I downloaded KillCMOS and put it on a floppy but I don't think I copied it right since I don't see it showing up on the boot screen on startup. Is there a generic Packard Bell password out there I can use? What should I do?

I also noticed the cd-rom drive won't open :/
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  1. normally I shy away from BIOS password questions due to legality of situation
    but I really doubt you stole a 95 PB tower LOL

    so try this

    some default bios passwords
    usually Packard Bell would be "bell9"
    I figure that since you were able to enter BIOS originally then it might have reset to default password
  2. Well this morning I turned the machine on and wala: the password requirement disappeared... :ouch: and I can now enter the BIOS! Must have been one of the Packard Bell security features. Thank you for you help anyhow. :)
  3. no problem
    glad it worked out good for you
    best regards
    please dont be a stranger :)
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