WTF! is wrong with my Dell XPS 15

What is wrong with my laptop, when i bought bf3 last yr my comp. handled fine, then in january i got mw3 then problems started to come up and my comp would just freeze and then these cranky horrible noises would follow.

My laptop consists of the following:

i7 2630qm
8gb ddr3
750gb HDD
Nvidia GT 540M
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  1. What surface is the laptop on? Does it have good airflow to the intakes (on the bottom) of the unit? Sounds like the fan is going out - overheating. Download Coretemp or CPU-Z see what either of them tell you.
  2. Need to figure out where those noises are coming from. Fans, hard-drive, hamster stuck in the DVD drive?
  3. You should supply more info with the laptop,so that we can help you.
  4. Hi NZpcFirst,
    My name is Rajesh and I work for Dell. To identfy the system issue that you're facing, check in reliability history why the crashes happened.To launch it, simply type “reliability history” in Search box from Start menu.You will be able to identify why the system has crashed.Once we know the issue we can go ahead further.
    Which side of the computer does the noise come from?

    Dell- Rajesh S.
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