Which laptops have external PCI-e x16?

Ok, I'm wondering which laptops have it, since I know Acer Ferrari One has one, and that's more than enough for me to believe there are more such laptops...
It needs to have Intel Core i7 720(Q)M, 4 (6/8) GB of memory, pretty hard drive, and it should look really nice...
And I hope you guessed it shouldn't cost $5,000. Just about $1,500-2,000. Smaller=better
But it has to have the port... Since I want to use ATi EyeFinity 5870 XGP with it as I heard that mobile 5870 is not any good.
By the way, if you know the price for XGP, I'd like to know that...
Thank you for reading, hope you have some answers for me.
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  1. The Ferrari is the only notebook that works with the technology. There have been some external GPU solutions for notebooks in the past, but none are feasible and efficient enough to actually be worth it.

    You're probably going to have to wait 1-2 years for the notebook you're looking for to debut, if not more.
  2. well, looks like 5870 xgp is worth of it
    but anyways, there have to be more laptops with external pci-e
  3. No, there aren't any. The Acer notebook that debuted at CES was the first to do something of it's kind.
  4. and i should understand that there is no option to put i7 in there, right?
  5. The Ferrari is a netbook, so no.
  6. im sure that with the advent of USB 3.0, we will eventually see PCIe ecternal enclosures that will make use of the extra bandwidth provided to allow for graphics expansion.

    as USB 3.0 becomes standard on laptops, someone will create one. you can get one that works under USB 2,0. but the bandwidth is so limited its a but useless. 2x USB 3.0 connectors should be plenty of bandwidth for a decent external card though.
  7. I think the unit you are looking for is called Amilo. I saw it pictured with Fujitsu laptops on youtube. I didn't get the laptop model numbers. Sorry
  8. amilo seems to have intel core 2 duo cpus as the most powerful processor.
  9. Ah, yes, there is a Fijitsu notebook with an external GPU, but I think the best you can get with it is a mobile 3870, which isn't too powerful...it'd be better to just buy a notebook with a stronger dedicated GPU.
  10. I just ran 3dMark06 on my new Asus G51vx and got 10056. That was all stock no oc P8700 C2D @ 2.53Ghz and stock GTX 260m timings. I'll have to check around and see how the score compares to other similar setups. But compared to the XGP results I've seen so far, I concur with frozenlead, XGP isn't better performance wise than a dedicated graphics laptop. I guess it would give you battery life or performance option according to your task. I took the two separate laptop route. Asus G51vx for performance/games and Dell Mini 9 for portability and battery life. The Mini 10 may have better ergonomics, being a little bigger, because the Mini 9 keyboard is a little cramped but completely usable.
  11. i guess it will give me a better performance, since it can play hawx on 3 displays. other laptops? by the way, frozenlead, did you find those numbers yet?
  12. ...find what numbers yet?
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