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I bought a new pc and I connected my pc with a jack-cinch on my mixer that is connected on my amplifier.
But I always get a constant clicking noise trough my speakers, even if my mixer is turned off or I mute my sound of my pc .
If I use my headphone or my surrround system with my pc I don't get the clicking noise.
But if I connect my laptop, cd-player or etc on my mixer I don't get the clicking noise either.
I tried disconnecting my wireless from the pc, (because I read somewhere It could help), looking in my case for bad wiring, installed the latest audio drivers, used my second headphone connection on the back of my pc,..... but still no effect.

It is only when I connect my new pc trough my mixer on my amplier.I have done alot of tests to figure it out, but with no result.

Please some advise.

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  1. Could be a grounding issue, or a faulty interconnect cable, or the transmitter to a wireless keyboard/mouse, or a long cable run that needs ferrites installed. Or more likely, the on-board sound is picking up interference. May want to use a dedicated sound card.
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