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Dell inspiron 1525 shuts off after like 20 mins

k, so. ive got a dell inspiron 1525. i got this virus recently called "smart data recovery". it told me that my hdd is screwed up and it hid all my icons and files. i used spyhunter to kill it. when i ever used to use my laptop on my lap. it would get warm and then shut off. so i bought a cooling pad a couple of days ago.. i thought that my fans were clogged up, so i got a Dust off can and sprayed the air in the bottom holes in my laptop. now my problem is whenever i use my laptop it shuts off after 20 mins ish. even in safe mode. i virus scanned alot of times and i used a unisoft or whatevery pc boost and registry fix utility.
any help?
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    At this point,i would perform a fresh recovery or install of your OS.
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  3. thanks for the reply. i got it working! I opened it up. used dust off compressed air in the whole laptop. cleaned off heatsink, dusted every sigle peice off. took off thermal paste. applied new coolermaster thermal paste. The problem actually was that there was a big ass lump of dust stull in my cpu fan. so i blew it out and i spun it a couple of times and it started working!. Before my temps were like 98 degrees. now there around 50!!!!
  4. Great work!
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