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Hey all

I have a 2700+ on an A7N8X Deluxe using the AMD retail heatsink.
Idle temps are around 120* F
Heavy load temps around 130-145* F

So I've been looking around for another heatsink. I found this one at googlegear.com -Thermaltake A1607 Volcano 11 Xaser Edition Highest Performance Cooler for AMD Athlon XP up to 3400+ - It looks neat, all copper.
Think it'd be any good? If not, what would you recommend to keep temps cooler than what I've been getting with the retail HS.


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  1. can you tell me what that is in C? I've got an amd 2600+ on a a7v8x and just installed a coolermaster HHC-L61(full copper with heatpipes) with artic silver 3 paste. It's about 40 C degrees. That's pretty cool i think.

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  2. Thermaltake heatsink fans are $hit, if your mobo has mounting holes try a Swiftech, if not, try a Thermalright, and if you dont want to spend $35+ get a Coolermaster. If you want quiet but dont mind less that stock cooler performance, get a Zalman.
  3. 120°F is ~49°C
    130°F ~54.5°C
    145°F ~63°C.

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  4. Thanks for the zalman tip, I've been looking for ways to quiet down my system with out spending the money on liquid cooling, I'm not a madman-over-clocker.

    Recently replaced the factory exhaust fan grill on my case with the wire kind. I also replaced all flat IDE cables (and floppy) with CoolerMaster round cables. All so I can go with lower RPM's for the same airflow. Also I bought this kit of <A HREF="http://www.dynamat.com/images/computer/Computer-kit-w-product-big.gif" target="_new">Dynamat</A> noise deadening material (the same stuff all the Snoop wannabe's use to stop their subwoofers from shaking their hoopties apart). You stick it to the inside of your case and it actually makes it a little quieter. Not bad for twenty bucks.

  5. Check out the ThermalRight SK800(a), unless the (u) version fits on your board. By the best, especialy if paired with a strong fan...
  6. old tt ones aye but the tt volcano 7+, 9 & 11 are quite (good but a MCX462 even better...)

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  7. a new zalman hsf is VERY good. not only are they silent but they keep my xp2400 @ 2.25ghz below 40c full load. this is the one i use <A HREF="http://www.zalman.co.kr/usa/product/cnps6000Cu.htm" target="_new">http://www.zalman.co.kr/usa/product/cnps6000Cu.htm</A>
  8. I have a Zallman bracket and a 120mm enermax fax blowing over my cpus (they still have hsfs attached). I just use the stock AMD hsf's on both of them and get great cooling (41/39) as I am typing this. I think if you combined a good hsf and the Zallman blowing over that with a 120mm fan you would see very good results. A 120mm on the bracket + a normal 80mm fan on the hs are going to be quieter than a really loud high output fan alone.
  9. The last experience I had with a thermaltake product was the ThermalTake 7 Regular (not plus.) I use a Swiftech and a Thermalright now, and they kick ass. I may try a ThermalTake again. After all, I use one of Thermaltake's new "Xaser III" Cases, and it kicks ass after having the shitty 7 20CFM stock fans replaced with something that moves about 55CFMs of air... All the noise in my case is drowned out by the howiling Tornado on my Swiftech HSF!

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  10. I'm sure we all have better things to do than Algebraic equations, but this is definitely one (or two) of the better equations to remember in terms of cooling for your system:

    F = (9/5 x C)+ 32

    It'd work out like this:

    F = (1.8 x 40) <---(your degrees Celcius)+ 32
    F = (72) + 32
    F = 104 degrees.

    Wanna find Celcius?

    C = (F - 32) / (9/5)
    40 = (F - 32) / 1.8
    40 x 1.8 = F - 32
    72 = F - 32
    72 + 32 = F
    104 = F

    In case you're Really REALLY hazy on the algabraic rules, you start with your equation (in this case)
    F=(1.8 x C) + 32

    Now you gotta negate everything on the right side of the equation. If there's already addition, subtract it to cancel it out but make sure that whatever you do on one side you do on the other.
    so, if you subtract 32 from the C side, you would subtract 32 from the F side as well.

    God, I hated Algebra and Chemistry back in the day. Who ever would have thought they'd pay off?
    Apologies for anyone who didn't need the math lesson.

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  11. Will this question be on the next test mr. teacher ? :)
    Oh well thx a lot for your effort.

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  12. You can also use [(F + 460) / 1.8] - 273 = C
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