Asus a2500d notebook reboot problems

I got give an asus 2500d notebook off a friend. They have just brought a new laptop and they said all i have to do is to reboot the computer but they have given me nothing but the laptop and the charger for it how can i fix this problem??? some one plz help
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  1. I don't know what they meant saying all you had to do was reboot.

    Perhaps they meant you needed to reinstall the operating system. But, if they haven't given you that, you face paying a hefty sum for a copy of Windows for a machine that may or may not work.

    if you have any knowledge you might try (or get a friend to) download the free Ubuntu OS and burn a bootable CD of it -- which may allow you to get the computer running.

    Alternatively, take the computer to a repair guy and ask his advice.
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