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So, all I'm trying to do is connect my custom desktop with a 1GB ATI Radeon HD 5750 graphics card to a new, HITACHI LCD HDTV with a built-in DVD player (model #L26D204). As of right now, all I have is a plain VGA chord connecting from the slot on my tower to the slot on the back of my TV, which is also a VGA slot. Now, every time I put the TV to the PC setting I see a "No Signal" message on the screen. So, I looked at the resolutions that were required for a VGA cable to work, and I can't seem to get any of the two monitors in my house to the low settings ( 640X480 and 720X400). Right now, what I would like to know is there a program that could perhaps lower the possible settings, or is there any way I could lower the settings using the resolution options? I would prefer not to spend any money. Secondly, I noticed that the resolution for an SVGA chord was 800X600, which I can now reach on my current monitor. If this is the case, would I have to go out and buy an SGVA chord? Or would it be wiser to buy a HDMI cable?
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  1. I would suggest that you check the TV owners manual and find the highest native resolution the TV will accept on that input. Then go into the ATI control panel on the pc and set the output for this monitor to that resolution. If you have a monitor already connected to your PC then you may also have to enable the 2nd monitor and set the resolution. The cable does not determine the resolution. The inputs and outputs do this. If you decide to use an HDMI cable then it may automatically set itself correctly.
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