What BASS OVER HEAD headphones should i get and i dont want to go over 60 pounds

hi i LOVE bass and i want some new overhead headphones that have amazingly awesome BASS! i have just tried the skullcandy skullcrushers and thought they were TOTALY AMAZING! but before i buy them i just wanted to know if the were any that could beat them, so if u could help it would be awesome! thnx
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  1. sony x bass headphone, not amazing quality compared to sennheisers, but it would kill the skull candys.
  2. awesome :D i will check them out oh and btw wat r the sennheisers???
  3. for teh same price u pay on the sony x-bass headphones, the sennheisers will have more detail in the sound, and is unlikely to drown out the bass slightly. which is what many ppl have been saying when they were listening to heavy bass songs with the x-bass.

    but since you like bass, im sure the x-bass would do you fine. if u want good bass and still maintain good level of detail and accuracy, then you gonna have to increase your budget more.
  4. doooode skullcrushers are bossss trust me u want quality withoiut payin made bucks. get them. ive had two pairs. i blew one becuz i played my music too loud. (opps) but ima basss lover just like u
  5. okay, there maybe good, but tehn how many OTHER headphones have u really tried????

    i listened to both, and yet the sony kills the skullcandy's,
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