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Optiplex 745 SFF


I presently have an Optiplex 745 desktop SFF, the board is model WF809.

The WF810 board appears to be identical, will it fit and can I use my present CPU: INTEL CORE 2 DUO, 6300, 1.8 Ghz.

Thank you.

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    Yes it will fit - and the CPU will also fit. It is an LGA 775 socket.

    One suggestion: Before you remove the existing motherboard, take some digital photos of the inside connectors. The motherboard changeover is straight forward, but photos will come in handy when you have a question as to how the cables are routed.

    Use an anti-static wrist strap before you start, and make sure that the computer is unplugged from any power source. When you connect the 24-pins connector, and the 4-pins CPU power connector, make sure that they are fully seated and that the latches engage.

    Install the CPU and heatsink per established industry procedures. Use Arctic Silver 5 as the thermal compound.
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