Need Advice (AMD/Intel now/later?)

Hi! I have been thinking about upgrading my current PC (Athlon 1.2 ghz, KT133A, 3x256 PC-133, GF3, etc.), but I am not sure of when the right time would be. At first I was thinking of going with AMD again, until I did more research and heard about Canterwood, and the unreleased Prescott and Hammer. Is it better for me to make due with what I have and wait until December? Or, should I upgrade soon with the Canterwood? The PC would be used for entertainment (games, movies, music), as well as school projects (programming, simple office work, multimedia developement). I have a fairly decent job for a student, so I'm not making a budget PC either.

I wouldn't have asked this question, but while I do my share of programming, I never pay attention to the hardware until I am thinking of buying. And I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I looked through a few pages.
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  1. there never is going to be a "perfect time" if you wait for canterwood something else will be on the horizon.

    what do you want to acomplish and how much do you want to spend?

    the 800Mhz P4's are delay'd so if your in a rush, that's a consideration.

    I recently bought a 1800xp (tbred B @1804 133.64 x 13.5)and a soltek nf2 mb combo the whole deal (mb and proc) was less than a granitebay MB. I'm very happy with it but if you have some dough then maybe a 2500+ or higher(barton xp and NF2) would be nice for ya'll.

    of course the canterwood sounds nice but it is going to cost you $$$ more.

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  2. Looks like I didn't mention I was building anew, oops. Well, I'm looking for something that has possible future upgrades or something that can last about two years. My current MB can't really do >1.2 ghz all that well, and I was unhappy about that at the time I found that out. I'm afraid that if I get anything now I might get stuck with around 3 ghz (or 3000+ XP).
  3. Go with the Canterwood its upgradeable. That should last you two years. 3.2 Ghz Northwood should be out in the next couple of weeks. Prescott 3.4 Ghz Oct to Dec target date. Unless Intel releases early.
  4. So the Canterwood supports Prescott? I hadn't seen that anywhere, but thought it might be so. If it is then that makes the choice all the more simple.
  5. Canterwood will support Prescott. Thats why I'm waiting for next month. Then next year get 4+ Ghz Precott.
  6. Has anyone heard anything about when Intel will be releasing the new CPU? Any word on working out that bug?
  7. Haven't heard anything else than that Intel is being very tight-lipped about it. Which is understandable I guess.
  8. If you are doing anything except digital video encoding/editing, a TbredB that you overclock would be the best choice. If you do, get an Nforce2 mobo, I got a A7V8X which sucks. By the way, ASUS boards are now made by the shittiest mobo manufacturer, PCChips.

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  9. The P4 3.0 800 FSB to be released next week. Prescott end of April first week of May. Subject to change.
  10. Dude...please tell me where you're getting that Prescott is going to be released end of April or May...Last I heard, Prescott was going to be released with A64 in the late fall...I have never heard it would be released so soon. I do believe a 3.2 GHZ P4-800 Northwood may be coming in May, but I've heard nothing of the Prescott until September, October, or even later.

    The Prescott is a highly optimized core revision on a .90 process using Intel's strained silicon technology to improve transistor performance. It includes an 800Mhz bus, 16k L1 cache, a full meg of L2 Cache, and improved Hyperthreading. The core has two new Hyperthreading instructions, and a total of thirteen new instructions. It includes an improved prefetching algorithm, and reduced memory latency. It is built on a seven-layer process. It has buffer enhancements. In other words, Prescott is practically the successor to the Pentium 4, almost worthy of a new model designation. And it won't be ready for a while.

    I believe you are confusing Prescott with the 3.2 gig, 800 mHz FSB version of the P4 Northwood. This is just a revised Northwood core--like the core on the 3.06 533 FSB--it is not Prescott. We should be seeing a 3.2 gHz version of the P4 *Northwood* in a month or so. Prescott we will not be seeing for a few months.

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  11. Thats what happens when you get home late from work. I ment to say Northwood 3.2 do April or May. Prescott Oct thru Dec time frame. Thanks for pointing out my error.
  12. Dude...where do u come up with this stuff??? LoL

    ASUS made by PCChips...LoL...............

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  13. There is an economic/technical law which says:
    "Buy a new computer the day after you absolutely need it"
    That means every day there are new improvement and what you buy today is old tomorrow and the money you spent now will have half their value tomorrow.
    However AMD and Intel are like waves. Yesterday the wave of AMD was higher. Today Intel got the crown and the 875 chipset together with the new P4 at 200x4 MHz FSB are the fastest solution. If you have to use the computer for one of the activities you listed, I believe it will be difficult to find a PC which is unable to fullfil them.
    Today computer are fast enough to do a lot of job without any problems. On the contrary, if you need a benchmark champion, you must consider to increase a lot the involved budget for each small increase of performances and the budget will rises exponentially with the increase of performances. However it will be hard for you to distinguish as for the perfomances offered during normal use (office, programming, internet) between two systems which differs for a couple of hundreds US $.

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