PS3 PC monitor problem.

Hey everyone,

So I am at my witts end with this issue. I decided to utilise my PS3 a little more for gaming, since I am having some troubles with my PC and being a uni student can't afford to upgrade. I bought a full-HDMI ASUS Monitor last year, and have been loving the 1920x1080 gaming so far on my PC. Alas, my PC is struggling as of late, so I thought I would connect my PS3 to my PC monitor and enjoy the gaming. This is where the problem started.

The picture comes up on my HDMI input screen, however even though it says in the PS3 settings that it is indeed running at 1080p, the screen almost looks zoomed in and a little blurry, especially compared to my HDMI television. I didn't really notice this until I started up a game. The resolution is horrible, no other words for it. It almost looks like 600x400 on PC. I am completely stumped. I fiddled with the PS3 settings, and that gave me no joy. Infact for whatever reason it actually made the situation worse, as now the gaming display comes up in a tiny little box in the middle of my screen, surrounded by black screen.

So my question is simple: Has anyone experienced the same issue and is there any solution? I don't understand why it is not working properly. As I said the same game looks amazing on my television with the same settings. Any help would definitely sooth this headache!
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  1. Hello Members,

    Take it back and exchange it for a 360 Pro, extra wireless controller, HD-DVD player add-on and Web-Cam. You will have some change for a full McDonald's on the way home as well!

    Thanks and Regards,
    Steven Brooks
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