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Trying to upgrade my mom's Dell Lattitude optical drive. Currently it has a basic IDE CD ROM drive from the factory. I purchased a Sony AD-7590 DVD R/W drive, but its Sata.

Currently the connector in the casing is Dell PN U5783. Here is a pic of the item.

However, the Sony drive is Sata and the back looks like this.

I need a connector to replace the Dell part that will match up with the SATA connector. I've looked around and I cannot find anything. More than likely its because I have no idea what it is called. If it needs to be a cable, that's fine too.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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  1. I don't think it's possible to convert an IDE drive to SATA in the constraints of a notebook without some serious modding. There are dozens of IDE to SATA converters on the market, but they're all meant for special external uses, not for a sustained replacement.
  2. It's gunna be alot easier for you to return the SATA drive and get an IDE drive then to try to find a connector with sata (if one even exists)
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