Is it an OEM processor?

Bought an open but not used AMD 2200+ at a place I have been too alot lately. In WCPUID it states that it is an "original OEM processor"...since it was not sold to me as an OEM, have a had the peverbial screw placed in me rectum?..........
Thanks for the help!

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  1. OEM means "Original Equipment Manufactuerer".

    OEM products are sold in bulk... no packaging, no manuals, no fancy anything, just a plain box full of the part... to companies who assemble and market their own brands of PCs.

    They are the same part you would get in the retail package, just without the package. It's no big deal, except it saves you some money.

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  2. they may not have a full warranty either, but that may not matter if the store provides one

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  3. I don't think the cpu type thing means anything? but I'm not sure. I don't have any non OEM chips to test, but I was curious about this so I search on Google. and every review screen shot I found had the cpu identified as OEM, I'm guessing that that field labels all as Orig OEM proc'S ??

    this link in particular made me think so... says it is an OC'd p3 700 RETAIL, but screen shot says OEM.

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  4. I think under WCPUID OEM means that it's an original AMd or intel. It doens't matter if you bought it retail or OEM, it's still the same processor, still a genuine AMD/INTEL chip. I think that's what it's saying. If it didn't say that, then it's probably not a genuine OEM chip, if there are any out there....
  5. Thanks everyone,
    Just trying to figure out if this guy is buying OEM and selling as "retail"........

    To err is human, too really screw things up you need a computer!
  6. Did your processor come with a heatsink?

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  7. If it came sealed in AMD packaging, with a heatsink and fan, etc, then it's "retail."

    Anything else is not "retail".

    As mentioned, the manufacturer's warranty usually isn't the same, but the CPU should be. Retail CPUs usually have the longer warranty, which is valid if they're used with the cooler that came with it in the "retail" package.

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  8. Yes, butttt.........
    The package was open and I just want to make sure the place I bought it is doing me right...they have great prices (when it comes to what I want!)... and want to make sure I am not being played for a sucker (let alone suckee..)
    Being a repair place as well, it would be simple to take packages from parts put in someone elses comp. and replace with something cheaper. They have actualy been a great help, but have been down that "scammin'" road before.

    To err is human, too really screw things up you need a computer!
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