P4 combo, good?

I have 2XPC3200, so although the E7205 performs better, it does not offically support PC3200 (DDR400). Am I better off getting the SIS655 board, in this case by MSI...

Also, should I go for the 2.4b or the 2.53? Ill save money and get the 2.4b assuming it can overclock well. Anyone overclock on an sis655 motherboard?

Ill probably use stock FSB speed of what, 533? And stock ram speef of DDR400.... Id overclock using multiplier only, unless thats a bad idea...

Let me know any opinions and suggestions... My main focus is around my PC3200 ram, so I dont have to buy new ram...

Also, would it be wise to UNDERclock the cpu from 533 down to 400, so it would be in sync with the ram? I could always up the mulitplier....
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  1. umm, do you really think you should be overclocking? you sound like you need to have a more thuro understanding before you atempt it

    the p4 FSB is 4 x 133, DDR 400 runs at 2 x 200, so underclocking the FSB will only lower performance, especially with dual ddr, essentially with two sticks of ddr you will have a theroretical speed of 4 x 200 running on an FSB of 4 x 133

    and buy which ever board suits your fancy, sis 655 is faster in your config, but is know to have RAM compatibility issues, intels chipset is rock stable, and will work with your pc 3200

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