Samsung 2343BWX with PS3

Hey I have a Samsung 2343BWX and I am using a HDMI to DVI connector to play my PS3 on it.

However, I can only use 480p. Does anyone know how to set it up properly so I can go up at least to 720p? Does anyone else have this monitor with a PS3/360?

Screen Size 23" wide
Resolution 2048 x 1152
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    I'm using a $4 DVI to HDMI converter with my Samsung 2343BWX and PS3 (slim). I have the latest firmware on my PS3 and It worked fine out of the box. Plugged it up, went to display settings and it was already showing 1080p, which was the settings I had when I hooked it up to my last TV (Sony 32 XBR9). Just go to display settings and change to 1080p. If it doesn't work it may be the cable. I got mine off of amazon. If you want a link, just email me @ gigologeorge @

    Good Luck,
    Gigolo George
  3. Yes it was the cable thanks :)
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