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So I just bought the logitech z-5500 speaker set....Let me telll you they are fantastic. But the only issue is that the center channel speaker is not designed to clip on top of an lcd monitor. So what I want to do is wall mount it on the wall behind my monitor. The issue is that you need to reverse the stand so that the speaker will hang below the mount not the other way around. But when I go to take the skrew out to reverse the mount it appears that there is some sort of hard plastic that filled in the skrew head....Anyone who owns these speakers do you know how i can get rid of that to be able to reverse the mount. I tried scratching it out but it didnt seem to really work....Thanks
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    Hello, I don't know if you got around to fixing this or not, but I ran into the same problem. At first I tried scraping it off, but then tried a soldering iron to it, with no success.

    In the end I tried drilling a hole into the middle with a small drill bit, not going too far in. This cracked most of the plastic off, I had to then pick the rest off. The screw ends up being a philips, and I was able to unscrew it and switch the stand around.

    I still need to mount my speakers on the walls, but that step is done, so I'm pleased.

    All the best with this!
  2. Ha ha ha. You guys are hard-core. I used a pair of pliers to remove the screw, it was a bit of a delicate operation, but I would still advise it over the drill alternative :).
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