Would like to use with only black cartridge

I have a hp1315 with a print cartridge error message. Troubleshooting indicates the color cartridge is bad. It is still the original (7 yrs) since I never use color. How can I run on only the black cartridge?

If not able, does anyone know of a printer/scanner/copier all in one that is black only or will allow to be used as black only?

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  1. Don't know of any inkjet printer that will allow you to print with a cartridge out.
    Try a b/w laser all-in-one.
  2. If there is a color cartridge, then it will use whether you like it or not because its going to use the other colors to color correct the image according to the paper used, and make a darker, richer black.

    Multifunction laser machines, black only
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