Where is the Canon i550 Printhead

I have a Canon i550 which has been great. But now I get 7 orange blinking lights, then one green, etc.

I've read where it people have to clean the print head. Where is it and how do I extract it from the printer? :pt1cable:

Thanks in advance.
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  1. To install the printhead for Canon Pixma ip90; Open the paper support and paper output slot cover of the printer. Then power the Canon Pixma printer on. Open the print head cover. The print head holder moves to the center. Pinch and lift the print head lock lever at the front of the print head holder. Remove the print head from its package and remove the orange protective cap that covers the bottom of the print head. Insert the print head into the print head holder so that the "^" mark faces the "V" mark. Lower and close the print head lock lever fully until you hear a click. Remove the black ink tank (BCI-15 Black) from its package. Hold the ink tank as shown in the illustration, and remove the orange protective cap, while lifting in the direction of the arrow. Set the Black ink tank at an angle in the back so that the ">" mark on the ink tank faces the "<" mark on the print head lock lever. Press down on the mark on the ink tank until you hear a click. Insert the color ink tank (BCI-16 Color) in the same way. Finally. Close the print head cover. The print head moves to the right.

    source: http://printerinkquestions.printcountry.com/answer/How-do-I-install-the-print-head-and-ink-for-Canon-Pixma-iP90-899.htm
  2. I had exactly the same problem - "7 orange blinking lights, then one green"

    According to user manual, this indicates defective print head. The print head had clogged so deep that can not be cleaned in the normal way. The printer can not communicate with the computer at this point. So you can't send the cleaning command to printer.

    Here's what I did:

    1. remove all the ink cartridges

    2. Take out the print head by release the gray lock lever. Look in the "Easy Setup Instruction" Step 3 to find the location.
    (You can download it from Canon USA web site)

    3. Put the print head in a plastic zipper bag. (Test the bag is air tight. I used a Freezer bag)

    4. Soak the covered printer head in hot water (hottest setting of the tap) for 5 minutes. The high temperature will soften the clogged ink.

    5. Immediately install the head (should still be dry) in the printer, and install all the ink cartridges.

    6. Turn on the printer. If this works, you should not have the "7 orange blinking lights". Then you can start the cleaning process from the computer. Run the cleaning several times or deep clean it.

    Luckily, this worked for me.

    Good Luck!
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