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I actually have a number of problems with my new computer, it's on the software side(I think). My spec is:
AMD Althon xp1800+
ASUS 333 m/b
512Mb DDR266
LeadTek GeForce4 MX440
60Gb WD Harddisk
16x DVD
Lite-on CD-RW
4x CD-ROM (for reading those old scatched CDs)DualBoot: Win98 SE/WinXP

My problems are:
(1) Only my DVD can play music CDs, the other 2 will play but there is no sounds coming out from the speakers.
(2) I've set up Internet Sharing, however, I cannot receive files from ICQ. But I can send files out ... I used static IP on host, and auto-IP in my client machine.
(3) I can't get bootup from CD working! =( I have setup the BIOS correctly(I think). Indicating the boot sequence as Floppy, then CROM then harddisk. However, it just seems to skip the CD-ROM when booting up.
(4) I only get 5400 something for the 3DMark2001, is that alright for this spec??

It would be great if you can answer some, if not all, of my questions. Oh... it was actually my first time to build a comp, so it maybe possible that i stuffed up somewhere in the hardware too. =\

Thank you thank you.
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  1. 1) to play audio CD's from an optical drive you need an audio cable connection from the drive to the sound card. I'm guessing you've only got that from the DVD.

    3) Are you sure it's a bootable CD? Also, try setting the CD as the first thing in the boot sequence (before the floppy)

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  2. I agree with jlanka, check to make sure you have audio cables for all the cd-rom drives. Also check the sound mixer to make sure that niether the CD nor the Aux are muted.

    Did you use the internet connection wizard to setup your systems? I haven't used ICQ much lately, but I do sometimes have problems sending and reciving files using Yahoo over my gateway. ICS just doesn't work for some things, when we really need to do it we just use the computer that is connected to the internet directly long enough to get the file.

    I agree here too. Set the CD before the floppy, usually seems to make a difference (even though you shouldn't have to) :smile:

    And the last one I'm not sure about, haven't used 3DMark very much.
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  3. "I cannot receive files from ICQ"

    If I were you, I'd find a clear building, say 3rd or 4th floor, and use the bazooka. The panzerfaust is hard hitting, but you have to be considerable closer and out in the open where you stand a higher chance of being spotted.

    You can also use the springfield and snipe that sob, but you have to watch out for someone sneaking up the back way and putting a bullet in your head while you're looking through the sights. Which is really annoying.

    Another method, that's not used as much but can be absolutely devistating, is to conceal yourself with some rubble right next to the program. When it's busy running through the registry, you just jump out yelling at the top of your lungs, and heave a grenade right at it's feet. Then pull out your BAR as quick as you can and lay down some supression fire so the b@st@rd doesn't have a chance to pick it up and toss it right back at you.

    Other than that, I'm pulling the 5000's with that GF4 MX is about as good as it's gonna get. You might be able to tweak that upward to 6000 if you overclock a bit and turn on all the sidebanding and stuff, but it's likely you'll lockup the os or make it unbootable.

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  4. You must be kin to Frank Zappa.
  5. First of all take the 4X CDROM out of the machine.
    Run the hardrive as master of the primary IDE.
    Run the CDRW as master of the secondary IDE.
    Run the DVD as slave on the secondary IDE.
    From everything you've listed here that will free up the slave connection on the primary IDE and the hardrive should be the only thing on the primary IDE.
    Make sure your master & slave jumpers are set right, be particular with the WD hardrive to reset the jumper back to the way it was set from the factory.
    You did not mention a soundcard, but if you do have one, if you have 3 PCI slots run it in slot 2, 5 PCI slots run it in slot 3, 6 PCI slots run in slot 3 also.
    Make sure your audio cables from the DVD and CDRW are hooked up to the proper connectors on either the M/B for onboard sound or the soundcard itself.
    Your hardrive should be on ATA66 ribbon cable.
    Double check all your connections and fire it back up and see if this will help solve the problems you're having.

    Oh by the way do not repeatedly run any benchmarking program they can damage your machine.
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  6. Hell yeah, use the panzerfaust. Its my favorite.

    I cant say about the 3DMark2001 and the GeForce. I have an ATI 8500 128DDR and score about a 6100 running a 933Mhz, 512mb SDRAM. ASUS motherboards rule.
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