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Dead cpu? Dbracket

Last response: in CPUs
April 15, 2003 4:24:29 PM

I need a quick answer so I can order a new CPU if thats it...

WHen I boot up my dbracket sits at 2red and 2 green... This corresponds with damaged cpu....... Is it correct? I ask because sometimes something ELSE could be wrong resulting in a sympton like the cpu not working or something....... Let me know... This is the same CPU that shut down time after time for overheating on my last board which I rma'd because it quit booting. But my new board wont boot either.... Cpu maybe? My main question is if the dbracket is entirely correct, or possibly reporting a sympton of another prob....

Athlon 2400, MSI Nforce2 board, 9700np

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April 15, 2003 4:42:19 PM

It could also be a power supply problem. (Which is especially easy to happen with the high-end hardware that you've listed.)

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April 15, 2003 4:48:26 PM

overheating? sounds like you don't have the heatsink on right. Undo the heatsink make sure you added arctic silver and put the heatsink on again. Power supply's don't overheat your processor. Your processor is overheating because the heatsink isn't on right or too weak to cool the processor or something CPU related.

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April 15, 2003 5:10:48 PM

It seems to be on right... I know that even when a heatsink is on wrong the computer still boots up, monitor turns on etc, its just it will shut off quickly thereafter
April 15, 2003 5:45:17 PM

Does it mean anything that the cpu gets hot like normal on startup?

Of course theres no bootup, just fans spinning, hard drive doing a little, cd rom spinning, etc, but actual boot up and no monitor initializing. So, does the cpu getting hot like normal mean its good?
April 15, 2003 7:50:59 PM

I doubt that you're even going to read this and respond intelligibly, but here goes nothing...

hineigger, you say that your old system kept shutting down because it was overheating so you changed the motherboard. Now, either you're leaving an awful lot of useful information out, or you're perhaps one of the dumbest people on Earth to think that changing your <i>motherboard</i> is going to fix your overheating problems. Frankly, because you can't even write a simple explanation of your situation that gives us any useful information, we don't know which it is.

Obviously your CPU could be damaged. Other possabilities include that you have an insufficient heatsink, that you've attached the heat sink incorrectly, that your power supply is insufficient, or that your power supply has gone bad.

If you actually want help then try taking the time to actually give us useable information.

1) What is the name brand and wattage of the power supply that you have in there?

2) What heatsink are you using?

3) What thermal interface material are you using?

4) What steps did you take to mount the heatsink?

5) What steps did you take to ground yourself while installing your hardware?

6) What D-Bracket signals get displayed before it halts, or is the 'processor damaged' signal the only one?

7) MSI makes more than one nForce2 motherboard, so what exact motherboard do you even have?

8) Is your system (including the inside of the power supply) free of all dust?

9) What is the room temperature at which you operate your computer?

10) Have you remembered to connect the extra 12V power line to the motherboard?

11) Have you connected the heatsink's fan line to the CPU fan header on the motherboard?

12) Have you tried clearing the CMOS?

13) Have you set any of the jumpers to configure your CPU speed onboard?

14) Have you ever managed to get into BIOS with this new motherboard? If so, did you change any of the settings?

I could ask a million more, but if you can at least answer half of these, we might actually be able to give you some helpful information.

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April 15, 2003 7:55:36 PM

slver phoenix, good post, Id answer it all but no need to..

I had it tested and the cpu is dead. Have to buy a new one, but its nice to know the problem finally.

So heres my question..

So I was wondering... I have a goal pretty much of having my cpu be 2.2ghz. This is because 2.2ghz athlon outperforms up to P4 2.8ghz, looking at review...

Anyways, heres my question. An Athlon 2400 is stock at 2.0ghz and 133/266 fsb. A 2600 is stock at 2.08ghz and 166/333 fsb. So, if I overclocked both of these to 2.2ghz, 200/400 fsb, does that mean the 2600+ would be overworked less since its stock form is higher than 2400?

Just wondering....

Also, got my SK800(u) in the mail today with 70mm fan, so... Everything should cool ok finally :)