162 system options not set

162 system options not set. How do i set it?
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  1. Here's what HP/Compaq has to say

    "HP recommends the following resolutions for Sorry for the inconvenience, but Windows Failed to Start Successfully error messages referring to 162 - System Options not set that may occur before Windows XP or Windows 2000 is started.
    This error message occurs when the hardware is modified and the System BIOS options are forced to change.
    Step 1: Reset the default BIOS
    Use the following steps to reset the default BIOS settings.
    1. Press and hold the Power button for 5 Seconds to turn off the PC.
    2. Press and hold the F10 key while you press the Power button to turn on the PC. Release the F10 key after text is displayed on the screen of the PC.
    3. After the BIOS Setup Utility is displayed, press the F9 key to select Setup Defaults .
    4. Press the F10 key to select Save and Exit .

    Step 2: Schedule a repair
    If the preceeding method does not resolve the error, please contact HP to schedule a repair."

    I also found this from HANDSOMEEYES at Techimo.com here
    "Even after battery change, if the 162 error occurs, it means ur BIOS settings are not the same as it was when shipped. reasons could me a hardware change from the original like extra hard disk or RAM. In my case, it was when i upgraded my hard disk. I found that the custid in BIOS was blank and I simply filled it with a series of 1s (11111111111111111) and saved the BIOS with this detail. It worked like magic and also worked again in one more HP system that i had which too i upgraded. Hope this helps for people like me."

    Hopefully, between the two, you'll get up and running.
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