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oh n i dont know anything about stereos n what is ok to wire up to what... my nad c315bee is wired up to a pair of matrix 1200 dynamic series and it keeps over heating... if there is a cure what is it? thanks
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  1. If these speakers were bought (shall we say) "informally" disconnect them and do not use them again.

    From what I could find on the other forums these speakers are the same or similar in name to ones sold from trucks on street corners with some blarney about them being surplus -- the implication being that they are cheap.

    They are usually bought by people who don't know much about hifi and are impressed with how they look and the chance of a "bargain" -- which if they destroy your amp, they are not.
  2. sounds exactly rite ...so the speakers have killed my amp then... gutted.. can it be fixed
  3. It's what they said above or the speakers have too low of an ohmage for the amp to drive them without it overheating or it's both
  4. ".. can it be fixed" ? From your description the amp is still working and given a sensible pair of speakers should be fine.

    I don't know where you live but in the UK I would look at some Wharfedale, KEF, Bowers & Wilkins -- recognised hifi speaker brands like that.
  5. oh forgot to mention amp wont switch on, changed plug fuse etc . no life
  6. Sounds like the repair shop for the NAD -- truly bad luck -- it probably won't be cheap unless under warranty (in which case keep quiet about the suspected speakers).
  7. i knew it was too good to be true.. the speakers look gorgeous and the sound is brilliant... so what is it about them that causes these prolems...
  8. Like the earlier poster said, impedance.

    I can't comment on the sound -- its often a matter of personal taste -- but some of the bogus speakers I mentioned (labelled with names designed to sound like existing brands) are "designed" by people who have no electrical knowledge, using the cheapest drivers they could find.

    Result the speaker presents something close to a short circuit to the amp.

    Of course it's possible that you have a perfectly sensible pair of speakers and I've just never heard of that brand. But the only reference I could find on Google was to the conmen I mentioned earlier.

    In which case I would invest in a multimeter and set it to the range around 200 Ohms and measure the speaker's terminals with the amp disconnected. The reading should be between 4 and 12 ohms -- anything less and you could have problems.

    This isn't a definitive test because impedance can vary with frequency but every decent speaker I've ever measured was around 8ohms.

    If the speaker's aren't the issue, then you have a different problem with the amplifier.
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