400 FSB Question

Will a A7V8X (KT400) Be able to run one of AMD's upcoming 400MHz FSB processsors?

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  1. no. KT400 and KT400A are only capable of supporting 333FSB CPU. Now only some new nForce2 mobo can officially support 400FSB e.g. Soltek.

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  2. My MSI k7n2l nforce2 board runs 200fsb, though not offically supported... You never know, you may be able to overclock the kt400, but youll have to find that out...
  3. KT400 doesn't have 1/6 PCI bus divider, so it can't support 400 MHz FSB

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  4. So nforce2 does?
  5. As far as I know, most if not all nForce2 mainboards supports 400 mhz FSB. Am I right?
  6. Not officially. They may or may not do 200FSb stable... IIRC there is a new stepping of the northbridge comming out that is 200fsb certified.

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  7. the Kt400A may do it unofficially & at your own risk (the Kt600 will do it when it comes out), the current Nforce 2 will do it but the new revision will be more reliable...

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  8. nforce2 has fixed frequencies for pci and agp therefore there is no worries with that. however there are stability issues at 200mhz which have been adressed in new board revisions
  9. ok, not officially. That I figured. Just came to my mind that my Soltek 75-FRN needs to be replaced in order to support a 400 Mhz FSB CPU.
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