Dual Xeon 2.4ghz vs single P4 3.06ghz

Hi everyone :)

I'm just setting up an audio editing machine, will use applications provided from CakeWalk and/or SoundFoundry.

I'm more a PC persion, and know it very well that is one of main reasons I would choose over the best G4 and price is also big consideration since the best PC's costs less...

So my main question would be, how much of a performance boost would I get using dual Xeon 2.4gx 533FSB vs a single P4 3.06ghz 533FSB? Any links to some benchmarks would be great. Also I suppose getting 1gb of memory for either setup would be fine.

Thanks very much.
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  1. I also forgot to mention, I know there is a 3.06ghz Xeon. Checking the latest prices, I won't save much $$$ by getting that instead of the dual 2.4 Xeon's. But I don't suppose the single Xeon 3.06 would be better than dual Xeon 2.4? Im also looking into dual P4's but that would cost way too much, I would get but it must be way better.

    So its

    "3.06ghz Xeon" vs "dual 2.4 Xeon" vs "P4 3.06" and maybe add another vs "dual P4 3.06"

    who wins? if yes is it by much.

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  2. if your gaming, then dual wont make a big difference. in reality, the 3.06 will prolly give you higher frame rates

    for audio editing, i imagine the duallie will be Sweet. i have never ran a setup like that so i dont know tho..

    anyone care add? Crashman? your the CPU guru here ^_^

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  3. Hi phial

    >>i imagine the duallie will be Sweet.
    Yeah me too, but I wasn't very sure on how much I would gain by getting those. That's why I'm asking ;-)

    >>i have never ran a setup like that so i dont know tho..

    Actually I'm try help a friend setup a PC, he was looking into using a MAC but they cost a lot more and don't perform aswell. I didn't find any benchmarks on the net comparing the dual Xeon's vs. the single P4 3.06gz. I could save a lot by getting the P4, I would save becausee motherboards for the P4's cost much less.

    Would really appreciate what the other experts here have to say. :-)

    Edit: I was also deciding on maybe using the Steinberg software. The forum their is full of great advice, it seems many people do suggest to get dual Xeons, but still open to any suggestion from the nice folks here.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by AudioFreak on 04/16/03 02:59 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. Okay, to my knowledge a single 3.06Ghz Xeon should have the exact same performance as a single 3.06GHz P4, which would make it a generally pointless purchase. (Well, unless it was a dualie motherboard and you were going to put another Xeon 3.06GHz into it later, or the motherboard had other features that you couldn't get on a P4 mobo.) Also to my knowledge there is no such thing as a dual P4. I mean a Xeon is just a P4 with HT for all speed grades and extra pins for multiple-CPU motherboards. The P4, not having the latter, shouldn't even run in a multiple-CPU motherboard.

    So that probably leaves the decision between a single 3.06GHz P4 and a dual 2.4GHz Xeon.

    The single P4 3.06GHz would rock the dualie box at running singular single-threaded apps. The dual Xeon 2.4GHz would rock the single P4 box at running multiple heavy CPU-usage apps simultaniously and/or running multi-threaded apps. So you see depending on the software and way the PC is used, they're both better than the other in certain situations.

    Since I don't really know much about the software that you're looking at, I can't say which would be better. However, if you know if the software is single-threaded or multi-threaded, that will pretty much say which system would be better to go with. Single CPU for single-threading, multiple CPU for multiple-threading.

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  5. Thanks very much for replying slvr_phoenix :-)

    All of which you said made a lot of sense. I had done more research on one of the software's user forums, people do seem to recommend dual CPU systems for that software. But for games and general apps the single P4 would have been best.

    >> Also to my knowledge there is no such thing as a dual P4.

    Yes I found that out after posting. There is not dual P4 systems available, or motherboards.

    Please ,just another question.

    Does anyone know if Adobe's PhotoShop, After Effects and Premiere apps support dual CPUs. Since those are popular applications I assume someone here should know ;-)
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