Backing Up Windows XP on a RAID 0 Array

Since installing a RAID 0 array (two IBM 120GXP's) in my Windows XP system, I haven't really looked back. Except that now I can't use Drive Image 2002 or Norton Ghost 2002 to back up my system to a different partition. The System Restore feature of Windows XP has worked well in the past, but it is no substitute for imaging, and I have my doubts as to just how accurately it restores checkpoints. So does anybody know of a similar program to Drive Image or Norton Ghost that supports Windows XP and RAID 0 arrays?

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  1. If you do a google groups (aka usenet) search on norton ghost raid array support there are a bunch of folks who are apparently able to get it to work with RAID0 arrays (promise/highpoint etc.) Some of them say that there are command line switches to tell ghost to use the BIOS to access the arrays. Hop on over there and check it out. it may be worth it.

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