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overclocking athlon xp + cooling question

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April 16, 2003 4:29:18 AM

hi, i'm wanting to learn how to overclock my cpu from 1.2 ghz to 1.5 ghz, at least. i read some basics on front side bus speed and multipliers, and would like to begin o/cing my cpu. my mobo is a K7S5A.

i would also like to know what specific fans to buy to keep my system cooler- it's awfully hot. according to the bios, it reads the vcore at 1.744V and system temp at 86 degrees F, and the CPU temp at 134 degrees F. i have quite a large heatsink and a dual ball-bearing fan on the cpu as well, so i don't understand why the temp could be so high. i have one fan slotted over a pci slot that blows the heat up from the bottom.

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April 16, 2003 12:46:59 PM

that board is not a great one to overclock with... not enough options in the bios... there a a bios (3rd party development) which aids in overclocking but I dont know much about it...

fan-wise a Cooler like the Volcano 7+ or a swifttech 462 are some of the best about, do you have a brandname/model of heatsink/fan ???

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April 16, 2003 1:03:35 PM

system temp at 86 degrees F, and the CPU temp at 134 degrees F

Quick note:
86F = 30C
134F = 56.7C

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April 16, 2003 1:24:19 PM

im guessing you have one of the old tbird cores. these are the ones before the athlon xp and topped out at 1.4ghz. you will be very lucky to oc past that i doubt you will get 1.5ghz. is it a 100mhz fsb or a 133mhz?
April 16, 2003 7:09:15 PM

how would i go about checking the front side bus speed?