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I want to buy a new earphones, and I need a Recommendation.

It should be around the price 30$ and I want it to be "in ear" style and it need to be a Noise-Isolating earphones.

That's about it.

More or less like this earphones
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    sennheiser CX400 II
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  3. MEgamer said:
    sennheiser CX400 II

    I wish you were answering me a little earlier because I bought the cx300 II and it's without a volume control
    and I really wanted a volume control... thanks anyway
  4. but theres also noticable difference in sound quality from the cx400II
  5. but theres also noticable difference in sound quality from the cx400II
  6. you mean it's better sound quality on the cx400II?
  7. ye of course.
  8. much much better?
    and there is also a lot of fakes on this model?
  9. theres a lot of noticable difference, really what you dont want is buying from amazon, u just cant trust that website, when buying earphones, find websites, that sells hi fi speakers, they usually sell earphones too an are all genuine.
  10. and do you know if the cx 400 II is better then the koss earphones
    that I'h posted above?
  11. its much better yes. have a listen, and ull know what i mean. :)
  12. If you don't recommend to buy it from amazon so you probably won't recommend to buy it from ebay as well.
    so from where do you recommend to buy it from?
  13. well if ur from the US then i dont know any website, tahts sells genuine stuff.

    however if ur from UK..., but ur not are u?
  14. nope, I'm from israel.
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