Anyone with a Razer Lycosa please read!

Hi I just bought a Razer Lycosa about a month ago. My S key has a problem where it registers even though my finger dosent push it down. It happens when I rest my finger on top of it. And also my spacebar and backspace keys rattle alot when i press them and it feels like the left side of the spacebar is loose and wobby. I mean its a nice keyboard, the backlight looks good and the keys feels good. I felt a few at Bestbuy and they certainly felt better with a tigher spacebar.

Now my 30 day refund at tigerdirect is up. but i can still get a replacement from Razer right? cause it has a 12month warranty.

do you guys have any problems/comments about it.
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  1. if you have proof of your 12 month warranty, contact Razer and/or tigerdirect.

    If it's a manufacturer's warranty, go to Razer.

    I'm fairly confident that Razer is a mid to upper range company in terms of quality assurance. I would be surprised if they didn't take care of you.

    And no, the keyboard is not supposed to behave in that way, did you spill anything on it that might void the warranty?
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