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I have a HP DeskJet 610C Printer which my windows refuses to install because it does not have the drivers, in the HP page it says that the OS should come with the driver at least the 500C, but it doesn't.

Does any of you guys have a clue where to find them.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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  1. Sorry I forget to say I have Windows 7 64-bits,
    32-bits drivers don't work
  2. Try the one supplied with Windows 7. (You may have to do a "Windows Update" from the "Add Printer" dialog to get it.)
  3. I don't have internet connection on my Windows 7 PC, so what I need then is the standalone driver, but thank you very much for the reply
  4. Is there a page with driver repository on which I can search???????
  5. Have a look at this article and see if it helps at all.
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