new cpu on old comp, ? on Palomino vs t-bred

I'm planning on building a new system to replace my 1gz athlon, which will go to my brother. That said, if it only costs ~$75 to put in a much faster cpu, then I figured it would help him out.

The computer has the proprietary ASUS A7V-VM motherboard

Processor Family:
Athlon (T-Bird, Palomino)
Duron (Spitfire, Morgan)

Maximum Processor Core Frequency
1.67GHz Palomino
1.4GHz T-Bird
1.2Ghz Morgan

Since I'm ordering everything else from newegg, I was planning on getting their AMD Athlon XP 2000+/266 FSB Processor CPU - OEM 2000+/ 1.67GHz Palomino core for $75.

Then it went out of stock on me. Any idea if the thouroughbred version (almost the same price) would work?

They both have the same:
CPU: 1.67 GHz
Type: 2000 XP
Cache: 256K
BUS: 266MHz
Socket A (PGA)

so I thought there was a chance, but I really don't know.

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  1. Have you checked the ASUS website for any BIOS flashes that may cover the Tbred Core?

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  2. I haven't been able to find a tbred update. The closest board on the asus website was A7VI-VM. But I suppose close doesn't count <s>. Its an hp, and thus I assume a proprietary thing. I did download a bios update from hp a while ago, but I don't recall it saying anyhting about granting hbred support.

    I was just hoping that someone would be able to say that the tbreds are backwards compatable, and would work in anything designed for a palomino.
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