XP 2500 Barton vs. XP2700 and 2600

I'm looking to upgrade my cpu. Was going to get a XP2700. Then I saw the price of the XP 2600 and the new Barton 2500 ($138 at newegg.com). What do you guys think.


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  1. Wow... nice price! Lets see, that's an 11X multiplier... If I got that Barton on a 200 MHz. FSB board... Hummmm 2.2 GHZ... Nice! I'd get the 2500.

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  2. Hey excellent question - I have the same one =)

    I mostly play games and wanna OC. Here are the arguments:

    Pros: Cheapest official 333FSB chip, ocs to at least 12.5x166 (2.075) "2800" no problem as seen here http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NDUz, beats the 2600 on Toms reviews.
    Cons: ????

    Pros: 333FSB, can oc ???
    Cons: More $$$ than 2500, usually slower in game benchmarks than the 2500 in Toms reviews

    Pros: Usually faster than the other 2 chips in game benchmarks in Toms reviews, 333FSB
    Cons: Costs the most

    How do these TBred Bs compare when it comes to oc? What other pros/cons am I missing here? Please fill in any blanks. Thanks!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by FDTzeng on 04/18/03 01:34 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. Bump

    Can someone please compare the OC potential of the 2600 333FSB to the Barton 2500? Thanks in advance
  4. that one's kinda hard to say. You can get a chip that's very overclockable or you could get a chip that won't run 1mhz over the standard speed. A lot of things factor into it, but as far as chip to chip, it's usually the luck of the draw

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  5. Damn so getting the cheaper chip seems like the thing to do then?
  6. I have the 2600+/333 and I can get up to 2375 with complete stability. I can actually finish 3dm2k1 at 2400, but it crashes in 3dm03. Anyway, while I've heard the 2500+ usually doesn't do as well in terms of mhz, when overclocked the actual processing power should be better than the 2600+. I would have gotten the barton if it was available when I got this chip.
  7. Wow nice OC - is that 2.3 Prime95 stable? What kinda cooling are you using?

    I just ordered the 2500 so well see...
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  8. Quote:
    Pros: 333FSB, can oc ???
    Cons: More $$$ than 2500, usually slower in game benchmarks than the 2500 in Toms reviews

    THG uses 266 MHz FSB T-bred "B" AXP 2600+, not the 333 MHz FSB version

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  9. I've got a 2500+ running at 198x11.5 (2270 effective), and it's prime95 stable. I've tried it at 202+ x 11 but it's not prime95 stable. It conks out after 30 mins or so. I think it's inadequate northbridge cooling, so once I upgrade that we'll see how it performs.

    I'm using a Thermalright SLK-800 and a Thermaltake Smartfan II at near top rpm, and, of course, AS3. I also have five casefans blowing through it.

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