Surround Systems w/ Wireless Rear Speakers Just a Crazy Fad?

Was it just a fad that died off a few years ago?

I bought a Logitech 5.1 speaker system (don't remember the model) quite some time ago that included wireless rear speakers (with the exception of a power cord per speaker) and I thought it was the greatest thing! Actually, to this day, I still think it's an awesome system. It sounds great all around, great features...and no wires running from the front to the back! I thought wireless was going to be the standard.

But now that I'm looking to buy a second home audio system, I see that damn near all the current systems aren't wireless :o What happened?? It's like it just come and gone! I've NEVER had a problem with my Logitech system...I just don't understand why the technology didn't stick.

Is there something out there that's better than a surround system that utilizes sattellite speakers? Like Sony's 3.1-Ch. Home Theater Soundbar Speaker System? Is that the solution? Soundbars??
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  1. You were talking about Logitech Z5450. Not bad speakers...

    Sound bar system are alternative for system to avoid running rear speaker wires. It simulate sounds from multi channels applications. Only one manufacturer I could recommend - Niro Nakamichi.
  2. By, better what do you mean? I can't imagine a soundbar being better than a speaker for each discrete channel.
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    astrallite said:
    By, better what do you mean? I can't imagine a soundbar being better than a speaker for each discrete channel.

    Don't know if that question is for me or daemon9, anyway the answer is no. But it's the closes thing you can do without having to install speakers on all four corners of the wall. Compare the price on a real 5.1 system is high, but as point out earlier without having to discuss much... alternative to having wire for surround system.
  4. Yes! The Z5450! That's such an awesome set! I did find another system with wireless rear speakers from Sony, but it comes with a Blu-ray player for $700...and I already have a PS3. I just want something simple like the Z5450. Sheesh...I'd buy another Z5450 if it wasn't discontinued. The set I already own is back in the states and be a huge pain in the ass to pack and ship to my location o.o
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  6. Sorry for bringing back an old thread but did anyone find anything like the discontinued Z5450?

    I never got the chance to buy one back then and I really want one now but like the OP mentioned, the tech just disappeared into thin air...
  7. Why do you want one now? there are more alternatives now.
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