Connecting my laptop to my LCD TV problem please help

Hi im new on this forum and I have some problems connecting my laptop to my TV it only has a VGA output my TV on the other hand has connections that I have never heard of before, I don't know much about tvs so if you guys could tell me how to hook my laptop to tv I'd really appreciate it anyway here is some pictures of the tv and laptop.

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  1. any help please?
  2. Hi,

    In the photos I cannot really see the type of connections of your laptop.
    There should be a video connection on one side of your laptop that fits your tv. This is typically a video cable which ends on one side with a video connector and in the other with an euroconnector. Once you connect both, function+F5 should bring the image of your labtop in your tv. If this does not work, you should go to properties of your labtob and add the option of a second working screen.
  3. hi
    just purchased vga to hdmi cable from maplin or any other store and connect your laptop with tv
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