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I use the HP 6183 printer. A few days ago the printer started to print very pail black. I changed the black cartridge, but it didn't help. I asked the printer to clean heads and analyze itself. The printer turned out a page with a perfect black header, but blurry pale text. The colors are perfect. HP support can't help. anybody?
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  1. visually check the printer's drum for defects.

  2. The HP LaserJet M1522nf is a multifunction printing / scanning machine. The main use of this machine in our office is as a photocopier. It was chosen as it was one of the only laser printers capable of photocopying that we found that only has black capability. It is networkable, and I have used it over the network as a printer and a scanner. You can also use it as a fax but I haven t had an opportunity to try faxing yet. The print quality is excellent, and there are a minimal number of jams.
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