New ssd freezes up one time durning startup

I have a Asus g60vx and yesterday bought a intel 520 ssd 120gb installed the os with the recovery disc the laptop came with and now every time i restart or boot up from a shutdown it freezes one time for about 20 30 secs or more then acts fine. Been on it for hours without another freeze. Updated all drivers still updateing all windows updates latest firmware 400i. Im out of ideas reinstalled twice. Followed this guide.

Any ideas is it a bad ssd exchange it or is there a fix. I bought it from bestbuy the ssd.
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  1. Where exactly does it freeze? When starting windows or in bios? When in windows: anything in event viewer? Are you using dhcp? That may take some time.
  2. it happens after boot in windows within about a minute . At work now didn't check event view. And what is dhcp?
  3. Ill check event viewer when i get home and dhcp how would that affect my computer freezing. Not being mean just wondering.
  4. I get the iaStor error eventid 9 everytime of freeze
  5. More likely that Asus recovery image isn't setting up the SSD correctly as it expects a HDD.
  6. How would i go about fixing this. Reset BIOS?
  7. Any ideas in bios i don't have a ide or ahci toggle it says like conservative raid or optimized
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