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Hey, I was wondering if a P4 with 200 MHz FSB and the i875P Dual DDR400 Chipset along with a P4 3.00 Ghz CPU would be the best right now for gaming. I'm also looking to get the new radeon 9800 pro^^
Thanks in advance for any replies, your input would help alot with my new project.
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  1. based on synthetics i would say you got it.
    i am thinking of building the same system on the asus board, with mushkin pc3200.
    i have only built athlons to this point but i feel there a step behind now in a big way.
    then again then new setup adds up to a few bucks in comparison, but seems to outperform in large numbers.

    man i havent been here in a long time when i logged in it said "Your last logon was at: 02/08/02 01:16 PM"
    lol and before that i lived here with a different nic,

    then one day i forgot what it was i switched isp's and had to start that account.
    anyway i miss this place, glad to be back.
    if anyone out there has one of these 200mhz fsb p4 3ghz set up i would love to pick your brain a bit.
  2. i have a 3.34ghz HT ( 160 x 21 @1.575v ) dcddr at 360mhz... on gigabyte sinxp1394 board.. with Audigy and Raedon 8500 64meg DDr... and it runs great... i jsut wish i had a new graphics card. I get 10600 consistent in 3dmark2001 b330.... but that stuff aint gonna be cheap man....
  3. you must be mistaken, you said

    "I get 10600 consistent in 3dmark2001"
    i get higher than that with my 1.53 ghz 1800+ 266 fsb on a shuttle ak31 via 266a chipset, gforce 4 ti4400, i got 8k with a g3 last night on the same rig.
    i would think you would score over 12k? looking back , hmm the 8500 was a little faster than the g3, but you have twice the processor i have and my fsb was 133 ddr.

    im thinking the setup mentioned in the first post of this thread would be amazing, around 20k. maybe higher.
    anyway with a 3ghz at 160 fsb x2 and a 8500 you must have had fsaa on and vsync on and anistropic on etc...
    i would love to run viet cong or doom 3 on the p4 mentioned. cant wait!
  4. I don't think he's mistaken. A Radeon 8500 is a bit faster than a GeForce 3 Ti500...But not really close to a Ti4400...

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  5. yeah but my g3 hits almost 10k on a 1.5 ghz with a 266fsb.
  6. What kind of motherboard do you have and how much are you overclocking? I have an 1800+ on a Soyo Dragon Plus and typically get around 7500-8000 points without overclocking. What settings do you use in 3DMark?

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  7. yeah its the video card holding me back.... upping my cpu by like 400 mhz only gets like 100 point increase or so... so im leaving it.... soon ill get a new one...
  8. i dont think anyone has hit 20k man..your kinda exxagerating a bit..

    i mean, a 9800pro on a p4 3.06 hits only 16k...


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  9. i have an 1800+ tbred o/c'd to a 2000+, 512 pc2400, ti4200 128mb, and i get 10,500. oh, on an a7n8x
  10. That's why I doubt he's getting anywhere near 10,000 with a Ti500 on a 1.5 ghz system. Even if he had it running on an nForce2 with a big overclock, I don't think he could get into that range...unless he's running the benchmarks at 640x480 ugly in performance mode with some sort of benchmarking det. drivers...

    Even then, I don't think his system would break 9000...

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  11. meh, my Nforce2 overclocked system doing a little under 11,000 in 3dMark 2001, Athlon 1700+ at 2.4Ghz, 166mhz bus, Geforce3 ti200 oc'ed to 275/550, Corsair XMS ram at hardest timings, 2.72 volts. 1024x768 res in 3dmark 2001.

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  12. No way, no how you get that score on a GeForce3 and a 1.5Ghz CPU. If I'm mistaken then please prove me wrong by posting your score link.

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  13. Cleanup on isle 5

    The 8500 and GF3 are close in comparison of scores, both max out close to 11k so 10K is very possible and accurate.

    The Ti4400 can score over 15k when overclocked and tuned correctly by trashing the image quality to solid blocks of color.

    Im running a SINXP @ 3.9Ghz DDR400 2-6-2-2 and have broke 20K with the 9700 Pro.

    I need to upload a new 3DMark 2001 compare. but here is my 2003 compare. with the #1 position Geforce FX 5800 Ultra modded with an outrageous clock of 585/1160. I installed the card for less than 15 minutes before I ripped the super loud blower motor off and strapped on a pelted waterblock.


    My current best with the 8INXP


    I will be posting FX + canterwood next, then 9800 Pro + canterwood. The 9800Pro + canterwood should be the best combo possible. The 8INXP beats the SINXP in performance.

    Top speed 4.140Ghz

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  14. For the card 10k is possible but not with a 1.5Ghz CPU. Maybe the R8500 can do 10k at 1.5Ghz but definately not he Ti500.

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  15. well here is a link to over 30 systems scoring over 20k,


    granted some cheated, didnt run the whole test, etc.. but they all ran at 1024x768.
    also none of them show a 200 fsb, which is why my comment was that a 200 fsb ddr 400 mhz, with a 3. ghz cpu, gforce fx 5800 ultra or 9800 pro add to that pc3200 mushkin or equivilent, and a sata 15k rpm ibm h.d. would easily score 20k.

    not an exaggeration, a realstic expectation, i expect to break 20 k when i have it up and running.
    i built a barton 333 2.5 ghz with a ti4800 se and it scores 16k
    so i belive it is easily attainable.
  16. oh and here is a link to my score with a 1.5 ghz at 140 fsb a little over clocked not much, with a ti4400 right before i smoked it, lol waiting for a replacement, notice the card io believe was at stock settings.
    10600 and i have crappy memory , i am sure i could go alot higher if i could hit 160 fsb, i would unlock the chip at that point but my memory wont run it anyway, im about to build a new p4 200 fsb anyway so ill leave this one as is , ity is going to be my daughters anyway.

    heres the link, http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=6128955

    i hit 7783 with a g3 in the same box.

    i never lie, maybe get exited and exaggerate a little, but not in this case.
    i have been using 3dmark since the week of the 3dmark 2k release, and at that time i was running a amd k62 450 mhz , lol i scored 750 pts with it as it was only pci, no agp slot, i ran a voodoo5 5500 and still couldnt hit 1k. lol now thats funny.
    by the time 3dmark2k1 came out i was up to my first real system and it was wildy over clocked, i dominated the madonion sector for its specs for quite a while actualy.
    it was an 800 tbird clocked at 143 x 7, just over 1ghz, the fsb was fast, also had a gts ultra 64 mb hercules card, and 256 of mushkin 150 mhz h.p. cas memory sdram, and on an abit kt7a raid mobo with the wz bios revision.
    that setup would only run around 3k i believe.

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