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Hi i didn't see any replies to my question! even thought i received a few emails, now here's exactly what i want to do! i want to connect two amplifiers together so i can hook up two sets of speakers, they are both kenwood models with pre outs and pre in's is it as simple as connecting them from the pre out of one into the pre in on the other? i was told that i can only i wouldn't have any more control of the functions of the one i connect to the main amp, but can use it for my rear speakers, i don't want to put all four speakers on the one amp, so can this be done, and if so, how????
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  1. You haven't gotten an answer because your grammar is terrible. People can't answer your question if you don't make your question clear. Read your own post and tell me you can figure out what you are asking.
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    u can connect one's pre out to another's pre in

    other then that i cant really figure our what you're trying to ask.

    from what i have read, is your amplifier stereo?
  3. Yes my amplifiers are stereo, and thanks for the infoL it's what i needed to know,
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  5. all i want to do is connect two amplifiers it's that simple!
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