How do I keep my laptops GPU from overheating?

Hey everyone. I currently own an ASUS G50vt series laptop and I've had it for a solid 8 months now with no trouble at all. I usually use my laptop for gaming and some school work. Lately for some reason my GPU has been reaching high temperatures when I play any modern game on the market today. I use to play Far Cry 2 with no problems a couple months ago but now when I try to run newer games that demand more from my system, my GPU just cant take it anymore. It will run the game fine but then out of nowhere my frames per second will drop drastically from maybe 45-55 FPS to about 8-9 FPS which is unplayable. It does this every 2 to 3 mins while playing the game and it lasts for like 20 seconds. I'm guessing this happens when my GPU becomes very hot and slows down the main core; during idle its at 70c and during heavy gaming it can reach up to 105c. Mind you that this only happens with modern games and not any older games like Rise of Nations, Battlefield Vietnam or Counter Strike: Source. I have downloaded all the latest drivers and ran some anit-virus softwares to be safe. My only bet is that I need to find a way to keep my GPU cool, but how? Will a laptop cooler be sufficient?

Laptop Specs:

ASUS G50vt
Intel Core 2 duo P8400 2.26 ghz (overclocked at 2.54 ghz)
4 Gb of DDR2-800 Memory
280 Gb HD (250 Gb free space)
nVIDIA Geforce 9800m GS DDR3 512 mb
Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit)
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  1. Anyone?
  2. Well, the first thing to check is if the laptop is full of dust. Get a bottle of canned air an spray out all the dust you can. A laptop cooler will likely help too. If you do both of these and still have an overheating problem, then your next step would be to open up the laptop and re-apply the thermal paste on the gpu's heatsink. But that's probably not easy to do.
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