Not sure if this is right area for post, but w/e. I'm looking to buy a pc headset that is preferably surround sound. I want the ability to hear other players footsteps and what not. I know headsets like the Sennheiser pc 350 is good, but that is not really what i am looking for. I've looked into the Razer Megalodons and I've read some really good reviews, but then I have read some really bad reviews. Seems like this headset could go either way. I've also looked into the Logitech g35. Overall this seems nice, but I've read that it is very uncomfortable and well I can't have that. Plus I read that the g35 has problems when using Vent. Is there a solution to the vent problem? If not, to me the g35 would then not be worth buying. I haven't looked into much else. But am open to other headset suggestions.
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  1. any good headphones will alow you to hear footsteps. its not really the quietest thing in the game.

    you may want to visit some other forums, to see if they have the answer to the vent problem, other then that, ithe g35 are very good at stimulating 7.1 surround sound.
  2. I have a by etón, I don't know what the model # is, but it cost 5$ on amazon.... has four speakers in it, and the quality is GREAT! (gold plated if you care....)
  3. $5... cmon...
  4. I know, I had my doubts, but they SERIOUSLY are good...
    Edit: I think they where on sale, but I know they are under 20$....
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