Dual Boot with MS Office 2002 XP Pro

I plan to configure a dual boot system (2 HD's) with 98 SE and XP Pro on seperate HD's. How can I get around Microsofts license that limits only one Office XP PRO installation per machine - they consider loading the application program on each HD/OS (for dual boot purposes) to be two machines and claim they won't allow it - please, any suggestions or work arounds?
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  1. i dont think office has an authorization thing like windows. just install it and they wont be the wiser.

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  2. Actually they do know - several sources have confirmed (including Mirosoft) that each install after the first requires a "registration" for functionality - if MS detects that the key code has been used once, they prompt with an 800 to call to "get permission to re-install/explain why you are reregistering" (HD crashes, new computer after old Office program has been removed from old computer, etc). I have an older 600 mhz Dell - Dell tech confirms the above "hitch" with the 800 number prompt/requirement.
  3. Dual booting your machine requires two licenses?

    God damn.

    That really chaps my ahole.

    Yeah, there's a way around that. I'm not going to go into how to do it, but there's a way around it.

    I never even really gave it much thought. Just another good reason for me to be figuring out Linux, at this point.

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  4. I wish you would go into the work around
  5. a way around OFFICE PA? That I haven't ever heard of.

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  6. Well I have orifice XP and I have installed it at least 6 times, I have never seen the restriction you are talking about! I have also installed it on a dual boot the same as you have mentioned and never had any problems. You might have an OEM version?

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  7. you must have a corporate version?

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  8. Yes in fact I do, I forgot that. :smile:

    I wonder if isolating the hard drive and booting using the O/S install CD, install orifice on each then see how that goes when the dual boot is re-established, it should work. That is of course you have operating systems on two separate hard drives.

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